Monday, November 5, 2012 After the engine cleared a medical on West Pasadena they headed for fuel at headquarters. While approaching headquarters a 6 box was dropped for a reported vacant house on fire. Engine 122 (FF Wolford) bid on the call and was added. Shift Commander arrived and stated he had a one story residential 50 percent involved and it was to be defensive operations. Engine and Tower 40 arrived and started to stretch on the dwelling. Lt. 40 (Kline) was comforted by one of the homeowners and was told it was an occupied house and someone was trapped. Company 40 stretched into division 1 and started a primary search on division 1. Engine 122 and 282 arrived together. Engine 12 was assigned RIT. Firefighters Wolford and Kain started to empty Tower 40's ladder bed and laddered all sides of the house. While in the process of laddering, BC3 (Parks) asked the RIT crew to deploy a backup line to side charlie to knock down the heavy fire on side charlie. The crew ran the backup line to rear and FF Robertson started knocking the fire in the rear. FF Wolford continued his 360 of the building and heard Lt. 40 call for horizontal ventilation. With no other crews working at this time multiple windows were vented for crews on division one and were completely cleared for egress. On side delta FF Wolford was confronted by another resident stating an elderly man was trapped in the  basement on side charlie. After the large amount of fire was knocked down the basement stairs were revealed. Wolford and Robertson conducted a primary search of the basement apartment. FF Wolford located an elderly gentlemen unconscious in the basement in which the fire had broke through into. Wolford and Roberstson removed the patient to side charlie and started to assess him for vitals and possible CPR. The patient was transported via MU3 to AAMC. The crew from 12 assisted with extensive overhaul before going in service.