Tuesday, November 13, 2012 While the Rescue-Squad was returning from a box in 7's area a first due box was dropped for a reported chimney fire. While enroute units were updated for a reported chimney fire with extension now in the attic area. Squad 12 (FF Wolford) gave out the extensive layout instructions to all the incoming units due to this being a target hazard area with a long relay. C12, BC2, and Squad 12 arrived with a two story residence with fire from the chimney and the attic. Crew from the Squad entered division 2 while awaiting Quint 30 to arrive as the first due engine. Crews confirmed a working fire in the attic. Quint 30's crew joined 12's crew on division 2 and started knocking the fire. Due to the ceiling construction of heavy timber the FF from the Squad was sent to the roof with Quint 23's crew to open up. Companies put a good stop on the fire in the attic before going in service.