Wednesday, November 14, 2012  Engine 104 and EMS units were dispatched to 8354 Beachwood Park Rd in the 1003 box for an unknown emergency 911 hangup. As those units were en route Fire Alarm started to receive numerous calls for a house on fire at that address and the box alarm was filled out. E121 (Capt. Krok) went responding in under a minute with 5. E121 was first to arrive on the scene with a 1.5 story dwelling with smoke showing from the rear passing command and field. Two 200' 1 3/4" hand lines were stretched by the crew of E121, one went to the top floor of the split level and the second went to the first floor. Crews encountered heavy fire and high heat on the second floor but knocked down all visible fire and continued to push in. A primary search was conducted and the walls and ceilings were opened up. Crews on the first floor opened up the ceiling and had fire in the C/D quadrant and extinguished. All companies worked aggressively to bring this fire under control quickly and minimize damage.




 From WBAL 11