Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company Station 12
P.O. Box 547 161 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD 21146 
Phone: 410-647-1990
Fax: 410-647-9463
Hall Rental: 410-544-2880 



Wednesday, February 4, 2015  Just before 1700 hrs., Fire alarm started to receive calls for smoke coming from the house at 5 Fairhaven Ct in the 12-20 box. Engine 121 arrived on location of a 2 story dwelling with smoke showing from side Charlie. The crew from engine 121 stretched a 200 1 3/4" hand line into side alpha. Once inside the crew determined that the fire started in the basement. The engine crew made the interior steps and found the seat of the fire and extinguished. Other crews pulled 2 more lines, one going to division 1 and the other going side Charlie to extinguish some extension. Units on scene work together and made quick work of this fire. Units from company 12 returned to service around 1830 hrs.



Engine Company Runs Restaurant Fire In Co. 11's First Due

Monday, January 26, 2015 18:06  At 1806 hours Engine 122 staffed with 4 were alerted for the box alarm at Nabbs Creek Dock and Bar. Medic 11 arrived on scene with smoke showing from a 2 story commercial structure. Engine 122 arrived third and Pump Operator Michael Jordan picked up E112s line. The crew from E122 (OIC Perdue, FF Michie, FF Martin) ran to the scene for an assignment. The crew from E122 pulled a second line off of E112 and entered the structure to find zero visibility. Upon further investigation FF Michie found heavy fire in a crawl space and extinguished the fire. Company 11’s crew found more fire in the space above the men’s bathroom in the structure.  FF Martin with the second line then extinguished the fire in the men’s room which was making its way up the roof line. Engine 122 went available at 1949 hours.



New Utility 12

Saturday, January 24, 2015   All of the lettering and lights are now complete on the new Utility 12. It will be placed into service within the next week.
It is a Ford F-350 super duty with a plow. This will be a great asset to the Earleigh Heights fleet which will help service the Anne Arundel region.



Engine 122 on 4 Alarm House Fire In Annapolis

Monday, January 19, 2015  At 0344 hours on 1/19/15 Engine 122 was dispatched on the 3rd Alarm for the dwelling fire at the 900 block of Childs Point Rd., in Company 8's area.  In total this incident went to 4 alarms.  The engine crew remained on the scene for 12 hours before being placed in service.   



Engine, Squad, Chief and Ambo on 30-19 Dwelling fire

Wednesday, January 14, 2015   At 1815 hours fire alarm received multiple calls for the dwelling fire in the 30-19.  Truck 30 arrived to find a dwelling with fire from the roof.  Engine 125 picked up the hydrant and supplied the attack pumper.  Company 12 units quickly went to work opening up division 2 and advancing the handline from division 2 to the attic.  Crews made a quick knock on the fire.  Units remained on scene for 2 hours.  


Courtesy RBVFC

Courtesy RBVFC



Friday, January 9, 2015  We are now accepting closed bids for the old Utility 12.  It is a 1995 Ford E350 Diesel with about 90,000 miles.  It is being sold AS IS, the light bar is included but no emergency lights are hooked up.  All closed bids are to be sent to 

Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company Station
12 P.O. Box 547 161 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD 21146

All bids are to be in by January 31st, 2015.  



Engine Runs First Due Boat Fire

Monday, January 5, 2015  At 0312 hours Engine 122 was alerted for the boat fire with multiple calls. E122 arrived on scene with a 25 foot speed boat fully involved. Crews pulled the front bumper line and quickly knocked the fire holding it to just the engine. Crews went in service at 0445 hours.



Sqad, Ambo and Chief run first due door pop

Saturday, January 3, 2015  At 2018 hours Squad 12, Ambulance 129, PM12 and Chief 12 were alerted for the MVC at Magothy Bridge Road with possible entrapment. Ambulance 129 was first arriving with two cars involved in a head on collision. 129 checked for injuries and advised SQ12 one occupant unable to exit the vehicle. The squad crew popped the driver side door and access to the pt was gained. Units transported pts and went in service shortly.



Ambo Takes Fire Attack on 26 Apartment Fire

Friday, December 19, 2014  At 1305 hours the Box Alarm was dropped for a 26-12 apartment fire. Ambulance 129 (FFII A. Meyer, FFII Martin) was right around the corner from the address and added themselves with the squad for staffing. A129 arrived as E261 was laying out. A129 was told to pull a RIT line while E261 was investigating. E261 advised command that they had fire in the walls and A129s RIT line became the primary attack line. A129 attempted to extinguish the flames in the walls while crews opened up but were told to stop until utilities were secured. The side Charlie report was given and heavy fire was reported from 4th floor. A129s crew stretched the line up to the 4th floor and met the crew from SQ12 (Engineman Wolford, FFII Lescure). Upon entry to the apartment crews found the living space charged with smoke. Crews found two rooms off in the back and A129 extinguished the fire. The incident went to two alarms but was held in check by the first alarm units.




Saturday, December 13, 2014 0203  At 0200 hours the squad was dispatched for a MVC in the 12-01.  C12 arrived on location to find a single vehicle off the road into the woods with two occupants still in the rear.  One occupant was removed while a door pop was needed to remove the second occupant.  All units went back into service at 0240.  



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